Justin M Zielke



We use memories to construct our identities, to fathom our pasts, and to create our idealized future selves. The ambiguous nature of memory necessitates that this construct is but a memorial to a transient self, but at the moment of creation, our thoughts become a mark of permanence - a symbolic language deciphering the artist's identity in a moment of action.

My work is an exploration of this symbolic language using a personal syntax, grammar, and physical toolset to describe the relation between mark making and identity in a moment of creation. Through this process, my work explores a personal philosophy and speaks to the ancestry implied within the marks of the medium.





The mediums I choose typically reveal themselves while I am gaining inspiration for an installation or a series of work and range from sculpture to digital work. Due to this process, I describe my work on an independent basis with projects I am currently working on. In Spring 2017 I intend to show a multi-media film installation consisting of a found object made into a sculpture and an experimental visual effects film.


Visual Communication

My work originates from a BFA in Illustration focusing on conceptual painting for film and advertisement which expands my efficiency in semiotics for visual languages. As I am leaning away from this profession, I still employ foundational knowledge in aestheticism and symbolism through gesture, composition, color, lighting, and texture.



I am currently earning a MFA in Animation focusing on Look Development. I enjoy three aspects to this degree: understanding realistic texture of objects that evolve and decay over time, extending the still-image to incorporate a syntagmatic moment over a duration of time, and my own interest in philosophical inquiry dealing with existential phenomenology and linguistics.




The same mentality needed for a site-specific installation incorporates my thoughts on framing a piece of artwork. No matter how the artwork is being presented, whether it's a gallery, installation, or a client's home, my presentation always strives to be a part of the concept. Currently, I am a apprentice at Master Solutions Framing in Savannah specializing in handmade or restoration of Italian Renaissance to Contemporary Installation framework. 



There is a beauty in appreciating an object for where it has been, the memories it shows, and if necessary, an ability to repurpose its function. I try to incorporate as many reclaimed objects into my work as possible. Based on connections within a conceptual framework, I believe the creation of tangible objects can incorporate generations of work in order to enrich a piece of work.



Current Study

Jean Mitry Semiotics and the Analysis of Film

Christian Metz Film Language: A Semiotics of the Cinema

Henri Bergson Creative Evolution

Carl Gustav Jung Psychological Types (The Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Vol. 6)

Noam Chomsky What Kind of Creatures are we?



Projects and Events


The bite magazine

Look for my artist article in The Bite Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle editorial magazine, due out late November 2016!

Sylvester & Co.

Currently a collection of my work exhibits in Sylvester & Co. Savannah. 

Opening Art Reception

On October 20th 5:30 to 9:30 pm Sylvester & Co. and I are hosting an opening art reception with Aint - Bad Magazine, Master Solutions, Service Brewery, and Southern Pine. 205 West Broughton Street Savannah, Ga. 31401



selected works





Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries. I am currently available to work on commissions and am always available to chat.