Born 1989 in Wichita

Justin Zielke is an American artist living in Kansas. He completed an MFA Animation degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017 and proceeds to create mixed-media installations. His work focuses on creating a conceptual meaning between an artistic technique and the medium's presentation. His latest exhibition, CHET, juxtaposed a silent 16mm film and a live performing cellist to symbolize the fading memory of his Grandpa.


Moving back to Kansas has lead him to mixed-media sculpture as his primary artistic technique. He uses a variety of mediums, such as cement casts from clay originals, wood carvings, and found-object assemblage. Zielke’s sculptures visually represent the human body in a realistic way while suggestively altering the form by fragmentation and reproduction. His concerns further develop into the disjunction between an individual’s public display of identity and the privately constructed corporeal sensations ascribed to memory; what may also be considered, the resiliency of human experience despite how fragile a person may feel.


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