Born 1989 in Wichita

Justin Zielke is a contemporary figurative sculptor living in Kansas. He completed his master's degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017. His recent exhibitions include CHET, a video installation at Welmont, a solo exhibition at the Vernon Filley Art Museum, and Mark Arts' Abstract National Exhibition.

During his master's degree, Justin studied experimental animation. This understanding focused his work on semiotics and expressionistic movement. Since then, he has transitioned from the moving image into sculpture. The materials he works with consist of wood, clay, and found objects. His work often depicts the human form but subjects the figure to a complimenting symbol or a medium's influence. He remains cognizant of Formalist values, but his process is dependent on a human error; it is within the moments of conflict, between tradition and a medium's changing state, spontaneous disposition forms. Justin's subject matter provides an emotional connection for those willing to find relief from the pressures of society.




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