My sculptures have a ranging degree of physical accuracy that allows a viewer to discover a subjective meaning between figure and expression. The figure and anatomical exactness have always been a powerful focus in traditional sculpture. We naturally look for ourselves in a work of art and create a story as soon as we find forms that relate. In contrast, as we sacrifice a sense of accuracy for a form of expression, the work demands a subjective relationship with the viewer. When rational and seemingly irrational decisions are placed together, an individual wants to discover a meaning for why they relate. This expressiveness can be the medium’s physical limitation, a contrasting sensation of color, or a conceptual connection between symbols. I do not worry about creating a likeness in a sculpture. Instead, I focus on what makes a medium unique and how a believable figure can emerge. Whether it is wood, clay, resin, or found object, the most important aspect of my work is the interaction with a medium. That said, I passionately learn from tradition, historical reference, and natural sciences to see beauty from different perspectives. This acceptance of physical inaccuracy and curiosity of meaning becomes an intimate reflection of a viewer’s experiences.



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