Justin Zielke is a Kansas based sculptor, installation artist, and adjunct professor. He has a BFA from the University of Kansas and an MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. The mediums he works with are typically clay, wood, found object, and digital. His latest exhibition was the National Biennale at the Vernon Filley Museum of Art. Also, through VFAM, he and another artist have received a grant from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission and Pratt County to fund sculpting and casting workshops for the community. He has been the recipient of the Koch Cultural Trust Grant.

Artist Statement:

I am interested in exploring the human condition via medium and found object. My explorations reappropriate a figure’s appearance by exaggerating a medium’s natural essence or by introducing an object and allowing it to influence the form. The figures intend to balance between dreamlike associations and detailed depictions to re-present a human interacting with its own medium or antiquated objects. Each work aims to further examine my intuition that connects emotion to material and reconstruct an object’s original function into an evocative narrative with themes of self-reflection, love, desire, and anguish. The work serves as an expression of disenchantment with objects and the time we allocate toward them. A viewer sees a figure interacting with objects of the past and it becomes a question on whether or not the objects we spend our time with are meaningful because one day, our objects will be antiquated.



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