The mediums I choose typically reveal themselves while I am gaining inspiration for an installation or a series of work and range from sculpture to digital work. Due to this process, I describe my work on an independent basis with projects I am currently working on. In Spring 2017 I intend to show a multi-media film installation consisting of a found object made into a sculpture and an experimental visual effects film.


Visual Communication

My work originates from a BFA in Illustration focusing on conceptual painting for film and advertisement which expands my efficiency in semiotics for visual languages. As I am leaning away from this profession, I still employ foundational knowledge in aestheticism and symbolism through gesture, composition, color, lighting, and texture.



I am currently earning a MFA in Animation focusing on Look Development. I enjoy three aspects to this degree: understanding realistic texture of objects that evolve and decay over time, extending the still-image to incorporate a syntagmatic moment over a duration of time, and my own interest in philosophical inquiry dealing with existential phenomenology and linguistics.




The same mentality needed for a site-specific installation incorporates my thoughts on framing a piece of artwork. No matter how the artwork is being presented, whether it's a gallery, installation, or a client's home, my presentation always strives to be a part of the concept. Currently, I am a apprentice at Master Solutions Framing in Savannah specializing in handmade or restoration of Italian Renaissance to Contemporary Installation framework. 



There is a beauty in appreciating an object for where it has been, the memories it shows, and if necessary, an ability to repurpose its function. I try to incorporate as many reclaimed objects into my work as possible. Based on connections within a conceptual framework, I believe the creation of tangible objects can incorporate generations of work in order to enrich a piece of work.



Current Study

Jean Mitry Semiotics and the Analysis of Film

Christian Metz Film Language: A Semiotics of the Cinema

Henri Bergson Creative Evolution

Carl Gustav Jung Psychological Types (The Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Vol. 6)

Noam Chomsky What Kind of Creatures are we?