This work is concerned with the resiliency of human experience despite how fragile a person may feel. There is a disjunction between what people perceive as an identity and personal reactions to the privately constructed experience we remember. Our memory allows us to project an image to others, but this image is based on how we choose to balance the pieces together. 

Similar to how we view our identity as a balance, these sculptures either fractured or reproduced, urge a viewer to question whether the work is to be seen in pieces or as a whole. The suggestively altered forms relate the question of how we identify with others and how we identify our Self through memory. So, this work can be viewed as the broken - the suffering one endures - or can be viewed as the sublime; against all odds the fractured whole still stands. It may have a rough exterior, but underneath the exterior we project to others, there is a beautiful, fractured history that suggests who we are. At times, it may even allow us to see who we may become.